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crywolf_800 - smallAlmost every time I work on a novel, I set up a playlist for it, and I listen to it for inspiration during writing and editing. I’m very much musically motivated while I’m writing. Sometimes the songs are just atmospheric. Other times, it’s as though artists have written their songs just for me. Here are a few songs that fit Cry Wolf like a tailored leather glove.

“The Howling” by Within Temptation and “7 Days to the Wolves” by Nightwish – These are the songs that I listened to on repeat when I was editing the big battle scene at the end. Within Temptation and Nightwish are some of my go-to groups for genre fiction, and they have some truly epic music, perfect for a supernatural battle that includes badass werewolves. Just saying.

“Dark Horse” by Katy Perry – When “Dark Horse” came out, it was a little late to be used for inspiration in the writing and editing. However, it was added to the playlist anyway, because it’s a perfect character song for Kelly, my lovely wolfwitch with too much power on her hands who knows what she wants from her men, whether dark or wild. Anyone who wants her better know what they’re getting into.

“In the Middle of the Night” by Within Temptation – Another WT song, sure, but you’ve got to get used to that with me, now that I’ve found them. This is also another Kelly song, since she’s a night girl in general, with a penchant for ripping, tearing, clawing, biting. This is her dark side, the one that she knows she has but which Abraham awakens even more to make her fear the worst of it. Kelly is a good person, but it’s important to remember that she’s a werewolf, and happily, and that way lies darkness, no matter that she doesn’t eat humans.

“She Wolf” by Shakira – Okay, it doesn’t actually represent anything in the novel, except in the sense that Kelly is sexually predatory (in a nice way), polyamorous, and not domesticated. Just enjoy the song.

“Refugee” by Melissa Etheridge – This is basically Kelly’s song to Malcolm. Malcolm is dealing with a trauma, but this is Kelly telling him that there is good to be found in his new life. He doesn’t have to punish himself for it and run away from it. And he’s certainly not the only one in the world who has had to deal with that trauma.

“Wild Ones” by Flo Ride and Sia – Self-explanatory, like “She Wolf.”