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Today I have the pleasure of hosting fellow Totally Bound writer Tanith Davenport, who shares my love of horror and gothic romance. So turn off the lights, light the candles, and listen to the wind howl and rain as we welcome Ms. Davenport to our quaint, dark little castle.


194774_2918bypuremotionGothic… Or Just Romantic?

I love all things gothic. Gothic horror, gothic romance. I love the fact that if I drive down to Whitby I can see a whole host of Dracula-lovers walking the coastline. Yet somehow, though I am a romance writer, I have never written gothic romance, and I wonder why.

Maybe it’s the historical style. I like everything I write to be authentic, and gothic romance has a style all of its own, which I love. Wonderful as modernity is, who doesn’t love the image of a stormy moonlit night, an ancient castle, a four-poster bed with velvet curtains and a room lit only by flickering candles? Who doesn’t love the memory of vampires before they were sparkly and rooms haunted by beautiful, tragic heroines? (AE: Hear, hear!)

Maybe the sane side of me is squelching my inner Catherine Morland, trying to keep me in the real world. At least, as real as paranormal fiction gets, because I do love to write that. I can make it dark and creepy while introducing modern perceptions – strong heroines rather than tragic, exciting heroes rather than brooding, and when we run into a ghost, we don’t have to run screaming. After all, ghosts are people too… right?

Tanith Davenport 1811So the nearest I’ve come to gothic romance has been my paranormal investigator novellas I Heard Your Voice and Tamar Rising, following my investigative sensitive Tamar Steele as she hones her skills at conjuring spirits. When the lights go out and the ghosts awaken, Tamar has nothing to protect her but her ability to sense and control – and her cute teammate Jason, who lacks her spirit sensitivity but has his own way of keeping her grounded. Not to mention the matchmaking ghost who, attracted by her voice when she sings during a vigil, attaches himself to her and refuses to let go…


Bio: I have been writing for ten years and first got into erotic romance through the Romantic Novelists’ Association New Writer’s Scheme; they critiqued my debut novel “The Hand He Dealt”, which was published in June 2011 and was nominated for the Joan Hessayon Award.

I live in Yorkshire with my husband and two bratty tuxedo cats. When I’m not writing I spend my time watching horror movies, listening to rock music, travelling to new places and trying out new restaurants.