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Hey, everyone. I know I’ve been quiet lately, but let’s welcome Ylette Pearson to get us started early on dark-themed, Halloween-inspired posts. Because while before Thanksgiving is too early for Christmas, it’s never too early for Halloween. Besides, it’s almost the Autumnal Equinox, and it’ll start getting darker a lot faster.

Brent's Law YPThank you for having me over today, Aurelia. It is always nice to have such a friendly and welcoming place to meet new people.

Darkness is not a concept foreign to anyone—it’s a part of daily life. Daytime sunshine inevitably turns into nighttime darkness. Under the cloak of darkness, people tend to let go of some of their inhibitions. Novelists and screenwriters often embrace the darkness as a plot device to create mystical creatures that come out to play at night. In traditional literature vampires, werewolves and shape shifters only revealed their true nature in the absence of light.

We could say the same about people’s true nature. Why is it that we often feel that the darkness will offer protection against the less acceptable conduct—or that which we perceive as less acceptable by society—when the harsh light of day is not shining upon our actions? This is a particularly valuable realization when writing erotic fiction.

People will more likely indulge in their sexual fantasies when they think nobody can see them, when they embrace the darkness to cloak the fulfillment of their erotic dreams. This is why pure erotica is often referred to as dark erotica. This darkness can refer to the soul of the person or the time of day the person chooses to come out and play. Mostly though, it refers to the perceived illicitness of the actions of the participants.

Her bareback cowboys YPIn Her Bareback Cowboys, Adrian initially chose the dark of night to explore and act upon her unquenchable desire for the two cowboys.

Nowadays, embracing one’s sexual dark side causes less of a scandal than a couple of decades ago. Maybe society learned to communicate better with each other, maybe people started to realize that you only live once and that life is terrifyingly short. Regardless of why embracing the darker side of human nature is more acceptable, the amount of erotica novels sold on a daily basis indicate that society is ready to embrace its own darker nature.


Ylette’s latest releases skim the darker side of human nature. In Brent’s Law (cougar erotic romance), Samantha has to choose between her career and the man that sets her on fire. In Her Bareback Cowboys (erotic romance, cowboys ménage), Adrian pays the price for indulging in the darker sexual fantasies that had destroyed her marriage and almost sunk her career a year before. Both these books can be found at Amazon or All Romance Ebooks.


Ylette Pearson flavors her writing by drawing from her own experiences as Public Prosecutor, Magistrate, Commissioner of the Children’s Court and admitted attorney in South Africa. She loves to travel to remote locations on the African continent with her husband of more than twenty-five years.

She currently resides on a small vegetable and sheep farm in the Highveld of the Mpumalanga Province. When not in the veld, she can be found reading or writing in the shade of a tree with her three Jack Russels at her feet.

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