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1232950_28690356Title: Ringmaster

Series: Arcanium

Word count: 53,025/100,000

Summary: Kitty has been part of the circus Arcanium for over fifteen years, presenting herself the Bearded Lady, but also taking care of its inhabitants when the curtains closes, a kind of den mother for both the humans and demons who live there.

However, she’s kept a dark secret for over eight of those years, a secret that she shares with the sadistic demon known only as the Ringmaster, the enforcer of Arcanium and undeniably the most evil member of the cast.

One might believe that the Ringmaster couldn’t have a tender bone in his body, and it would be a stretch to call the arrangement he and Kitty share tender. However, the Ringmaster finds himself curiously drawn to the kind but dark heart of Arcanium.

When Kitty convinces a long-time lover of hers outside Arcanium to join the circus – Victor, a sweet, handsome, charming man in love with every square inch of hair on Kitty’s body – the secret between Kitty and the Ringmaster not only threatens to come to light, but the strange relationship itself threatens to crumble and throw Arcanium into chaos.


About halfway or three-fifths of the way through at this point. Word count wise, I’m behind by 4-5k, which means that for the rest of Ringmaster, I have to write 5-6k words a day. I’ll still be behind, just not as much. I’m not too worried if Fever & Fray overlaps with November. I’ll make my 50k of new story content without a problem, maybe even finish Call for Blood in November. I can do it. As long as I have a little breathing room now and then.

My biggest worry right now is the growing sense that I’m losing my grip on the story. Ringmaster isn’t the only novel where I’ve felt this way, and I wonder whether the careening pace that I’ve taken on is a part of it. Any word count less, it feels too slow, overdramatic. Any word count more, it feels too fast and out of control. But with the other story that felt like this, I was told that it wasn’t the hot mess that I thought it was. I’m holding onto that.

Even so, I fear the dreaded rewrite. Working with the flesh and bones of a story, reworking scenes, that I can do. But I’ve rewritten before. Once. It wasn’t a terrible experience, but it’s time-consuming and I don’t like repeating myself. I’ve got to hope that, if there are things in Ringmaster that don’t work, it can be fixed without a rewrite. I sincerely hope so. I love Ringmaster and Kitty too much for me to suck at it for everyone to see. Time and edits will tell whether Ringmaster works. I’ll be devastated if it doesn’t.