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1232950_28690356Title: Ringmaster

Series: Arcanium

Word count: 75,007/100,000

Summary: Kitty has been part of the circus Arcanium for over fifteen years, presenting herself the Bearded Lady, but also taking care of its inhabitants when the curtains closes, a kind of den mother for both the humans and demons who live there.

However, she’s kept a dark secret for over eight of those years, a secret that she shares with the sadistic demon known only as the Ringmaster, the enforcer of Arcanium and undeniably the most evil member of the cast.

One might believe that the Ringmaster couldn’t have a tender bone in his body, and it would be a stretch to call the arrangement he and Kitty share tender. However, the Ringmaster finds himself curiously drawn to the kind but dark heart of Arcanium.

When Kitty convinces a long-time lover of hers outside Arcanium to join the circus – Victor, a sweet, handsome, charming man in love with every square inch of hair on Kitty’s body – the secret between Kitty and the Ringmaster not only threatens to come to light, but the strange relationship itself threatens to crumble and throw Arcanium into chaos.


I’m in the middle of one of the climaxes of the story (plot climaxes, just clarifying). From the climax through the denouement, stories tend to move much faster for me as the downward momentum drives me forward.

I had a few close shaves this last quarter of the novel, since my characters refused to do what I’d planned and I had to come up with an alternative direction. I also had a dialogue-heavy scene that didn’t work and I had to rework it before my stomach decided to fall out of my abdomen to get squashed by my stumbling feet. Just saying. I’m hoping that this last stretch goes by a little more easily, with everyone on board or at least giving me easy answers to my problems instead of making me wait and have to catch up the next day. When you’re writing 5,000 words a day, it makes it really hard to catch up if you miss 2,000-3,000 words the previous day.

I’m still uncertain about the romantic side of this story. Arcanium in general is an unconventional romance series, given that it’s erotica-heavy and horror genre in addition to the romance. As a result, my publishing company has given me some leeway in the romance side of things for this series.

But even for Arcanium, the romance in Ringmaster is quite…odd. There’s a relationship going on upfront that’s very healthy, very communicative, but the one that matters is happening in the shadows with a lot unspoken. I don’t know whether this is going to be okay, which would mean that I’d have to rewrite the whole thing, probably figure out another plot altogether.

I would not like to do that. Not in the least. I would be very pissed off if the story had to be scrapped.

But I can’t know whether it has to be until I go through my first set of edits. Who knows, maybe it won’t work for me either.

Times like this, it’s good I have stuffed animals to throttle.