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853190_97444239bymapeicTitle: Fever & Fray

Series: Meridian

Word count: 25,016/100,000

Summary: Nova Mendez doesn’t understand what is happening. She’s always been popular with boys, but things are starting to get out of control.

Then a black-winged man calling himself Jules swoops in only to tell her that no matter how good she’s tried to be, she’s a succubus on the cusp of her transformation. There’s nothing she can do but hang on for the ride as her desires climb to unimaginable heights.

As an incubus himself, Jules is uniquely qualified to handle the strongest of her emerging power, harness it, and teach her how to use it to feed on the energy of sleeping men who desire her. She tries not to kill them, but accidents are bound to happen to a new succubus.

The trouble with dead bodies, especially when they start to accumulate, is that they start to get the attention of the wrong element–namely the kind that troll the mystical city of Meridian to hunt her kind down. And now Eli Fray, the rugged and relentless demon hunter, is on her trail.


This first week has been a tough one. When I’m writing, the words flow. When I’m not writing, circumstances conspire to keep me from writing again. I managed to get the 25k minimum in for the week, though. I don’t expect I’ll manage any more than the same this week. It’ll do. I won’t make the end of the novel by the end of the month, but that’s all right, as long as it all evens out to a novel a month in the end.

Nova’s a naive, frightened, damaged girl who had a rough life. I’m going to enjoy watching her grow in this novel. The guys are fun to write as well.

I’m a bit at odds with what the ending should be, which isn’t good, because I should know before I hit 50k words lest I start rambling like a rose and lose track of the plot. I know my last scene, but that doesn’t really tell me the ending, unfortunately.

There was a great deal of sex at the beginning of the story. I’m grateful to have had the last few days filled with nothing but plot. Sex scenes are the most exhausting part of the writing, believe it or not. They’re worth it if you get them right, but damn, they require more than dance scenes and fight scenes put together – choreography is the kicker. It writes a lot slower than it reads. Hitting the plot is like a breath of fresh air because it writes faster and I get to learn things. Fortunately, Meridian books are full of plot, even when sex demons are involved.

On the days I can work, I still need to hit 5-6k a day to catch up with my novel count for the year. I had too-busy days last week (one in which I got mildly sick and one in which I was out being an introvert in several social situations), and I’m predicting I’ll have a few this week too. I’m looking forward to when I can back off to 4k again, though. That’s the point when I start to wear out. It’s not just mental and physical weariness. It’s also that it’s harder to think that far ahead, have that much planned in one day, since I like to noodle about future scenes the day before and I don’t always noodle far enough. I hit the end of the scene short of my quota and have to make up the different pretty quickly.

Now, I have a headache, I haven’t had my caffeine – which I’m dependent on again, naturally – and I’m going to clean my head out with someĀ Mentalist, then get back on the horse for the rest of the afternoon