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1113326_42556513typewriterbyjaylopezExcluding self-publishing, since I’m not positive when I’ll start publishing Bloodbound, although I’d like for it to be in February at some point, with a new part of the serial novel every three to four weeks (all of it already edited and ready to go beforehand, hopefully).

Also, I’m still not sure whether Tooth and Claw (working title) is going to be self-published as a serial trilogy or published through Totally Bound. We’ll just have to see once the expansion’s been done. Crossing my fingers that can be done in March.

Red Queen (MFM, short novella)
Preorder: February 27
Early Download: March 13
General Release: April 10

Fortune (Arcanium Book 1) – Maya’s tale (MF primary, long novel)
Preorder: April 3
Early Download: April 17
General Release: May 15

Carousel (Arcanium Book 2) – Caroline’s tale (MFM primary, long novel)
Preorder: May 22
Early Download: June 5
General Release: July 3

Aerial (Arcanium Book 3) – Seth’s tale (MM and MF, long novel)
Preorder: June 26
Early Download: July 10
General Release: August 7

And that’s just the first wave. There’s still Wolf Girl (self-pub), Ringmaster (Arcanium Book 4), and Contortion (Arcanium Book 5). And if I manage to get Tattered & Torn (Meridian Book 3) written early enough, who knows if the Meridian series will also make a showing in 2015.