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481044_91291738malamuteTitle: Call for Blood

Series: Sanctuary

Word Count: 50,025/90,000 words

Summary: I’ll come up with something later. Both Arcanium and Meridian already had series synopses written up before I started them, but I changed Call for Blood from what I’d originally set it up to be.


I took several breaks, ones I didn’t necessary want to take but had to take. I did my baking. I made many cookies, lots of fudge, and lots of cake balls. They were a rousing success. I took Christmas Eve and Christmas off to have family time, too much socialization to come back and write.

Then the next day a cold hit and almost knocked me on my ass through NYE. But I was determined to make at least 50k before the end of the year, even though I would have rather finished CFB before the end of the year. The last few days have been difficult, fighting against the fatigue and the interruptions for many tissues or coughs. Fortunately, it wasn’t the flu – no fever. Just a persistent, ugly cold.

I’m still convinced that CFB is going to need some serious reworking during the second draft, not least because I realized that I’d forgotten a character that still lived in the sanctuary at the end of Cry Wolf. I’m going to have to add him in later. For now, he’s jumping in out of nowhere in the middle.

CFB has been difficult to write in the sense that it hasn’t felt exactly right from the very beginning. I think here in the middle, I’m finally figuring out where I want to go with it so that it feels right and moves the characters forward, but that means a lot of rewriting in the beginning, which had been built to go another direction. I’m still not a hundred percent sure I’m not going to have to scrap the whole thing and start from scratch. I’m crossing my fingers it’s only the beginning I have to rework. I keep telling myself Winter Howl needed some serious work in the beginning too between the first and second drafts.

I think part of the problem is that I’ve written these stories so spread out, I feel done after every one. I’m mentally beyond Sanctuary, ensconced in Meridian and Arcanium and other things, so it’s hard to move back to an older series that felt over (even though it wasn’t).

I’ve learned from that kind of writing, of course. I’ve learned that I need to write the novels close together when I’m working on a series. Arcanium needs that more than Meridian, but it really helps that both series consist of standalones. When writing Arcanium, I need to be conscious of the timeline and characters as I go from book to book, but you’d be surprised how self-contained each story is. A few of them are enhanced from being read with the others, but it’s not necessary. And Meridian’s even better. They just exist in the same large city. There’s little to no cross-characterization. They’re truly standalones. Sanctuary, on the other hand, is a definite trilogy arc, and I should have written them back to back instead of more than a year after the last. Hindsight, retrospect, so on and so forth.

It’s my hope that I can finish CFB in less than 31 days. We’ll see how that goes. I’m much happier with it in the middle. The characters are shining, they’re going directions I never expected (they’re not derailing the story, just making it richer), and I’ve been able to do all that while feeling like sludge from the dreaded lurgy. I may take today off if this headache doesn’t let up, but I’ll be going right back into the 5k a day quota tomorrow at the latest until I get Red Queen edits.