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1113326_42556513typewriterbyjaylopez2014 was the year to write. I had an endless amount of time on my hands – for mostly bad reasons, but I’m opportunistic. I don’t know what 2015 will bring as far as writing. I have at least two things I’m committed to write, at most five, depending on how long things take to write and depending on how successful Arcanium is. And I have two things I’m committed to self-publish. But there’s going to be a lot of editing, plus trying to get a decent income stream through non-writing work that I’m still kind of terrified about.

All told, I wrote 687,437 words of erotic romance: Two partial novels (the end of Stone & Chains and the first half of Call for Blood), one serial novel, three novellas, and five full novels. I know I’m capable of writing a long novel in less than a month if I don’t have anything else standing in my way, and that’s a pretty awesome thing to know.

It was the year of feeling sick, between post-infection IBS that literally felt like organ failure at times, near-constant allergy headaches, and this end-of-the-year cold. No wonder I just want to take a nap right now.

I wrote a lot more than I published in 2014 because I’ve been building up a series backlist, which meant that the only things that were published this year were Cry Wolf at the beginning and “Crumbs” somewhere in the middle. However, I wrangled up agreements for Arcanium and didn’t have to wrangle much for Meridian, and two of my three vampire/were/human menage stories I wrote while trying to satisfy one submission call are being published – one of them for the anthology that it was intended for and the other a standalone. 2015 is going to distribute a great deal of the fruit I produced in 2014, so I’m bracing myself for the promotion machine, particularly for Bloodbound and the Arcanium series.

For 2015, I hope that the editing deadlines don’t drive me over a cliff, that I get more done during the first edits than the second (which is how it should be), that Bloodbound doesn’t become DOA, and that Arcanium garners a respectable following. Mostly the last one, because I’ve invested a lot of time and energy into Arcanium, which is always a danger for someone writing less mainstream things. For this reason, I’m not too bummed about the whole AHS: Freak Show arc anymore, especially knowing that the two circuses are different. I’m hoping it helps trigger interest in Arcanium so that I can publish the last four novels as well.

And I’m hoping that my business endeavor isn’t a death trap.