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1113326_42556513typewriterbyjaylopezI’m neck-deep in editing Bloodbound and alternating between loving it and hating it. I know that’s just writer!brain at its craziest, but that part of my head is not being very helpful, since the release date is getting closer and closer. And this is not something I want to be doing last-minute. It’s stressful enough without coming in under the wire.

I hope to be done with edits by the end of the month, though. I’ve got most of my written promo materials finished. I just need to do covers and visual promo, then formatting while I try to figure out CreateSpace and cursing the entire process that isn’t very author-friendly right now. That’s part of the process, no getting around the fact.

I’ve finished all of Red Queen edits, so that’s ready for its March early download release. I think Intervention will be next, but not for a while. Which means that I’ll turn my attention to Ringmaster (Arcanium Book 4) and Contortion (Arcanium Book 5) edits. Once I get those under my belt, I’ll either resume writing Call for Blood (Sanctuary Book 3) or edit Fever & Fray.

Those are some things right there.

I don’t get writer’s block. The inspiration for Call for Blood isn’t the problem. I had a lot of problems with the original outline that I had to keep fixing, as you probably noticed in my previous posts (and my personal page on FB, if you follow that). But I’ve finally come up with things that make sense. The outline is there. I just…can’t.

I don’t feel burned out. Burned out is what I felt after my senior year in college when I didn’t want to write another essay ever – and I still don’t. I still want to write, though. I just can’t. I thought the problem was the novel, but now I think the problem is me. Me and depression. I’m hoping that taking the time off to edit gives depression!brain a break and gives me time to adjust to new circumstances. At least I’m still productive. I just don’t think I can be creative at the moment.

As far as Fever & Fray, I love it to death. But I suspect more and more these days that it’s not going to be accepted as erotic romance. There’s too much sex outside the main pairings and way too much dubious consent associated with a succubus main character – the sex is consensual, of course, but no one agrees to death afterward.

I’m fond of mantis and black widow characters, and there’s a female revenge element to the novel that I love in the horror genre. However, I don’t think it qualifies as erotic romance by my company’s standards. It’s dark erotica, in spite of the romances involved – dark erotic romance, at best. More dub con than Arcanium but less so than Wolf Girl, so I’m not sure. I’ll run it by my editor after my initial edits, but it may have to be pulled from the Meridian series and repackaged as a standalone to self-publish. We’ll have to see.

It wouldn’t be a big hit to the Meridian series. I have eleven novels planned for that, so losing one or two to self-publishing isn’t going to make a dent.

After that, Red Queen, Intervention, and the Arcanium series start coming out one after the other, so I’ll be plenty busy with edits, promotion, and working some more on the Arcanium and Meridian series.