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Originally posted with Taige Crenshaw.

Aurelia Evans 2 - Blood Bound cover 2-5-15Interview

How do you get an idea for your novel?

In Bloodbound’s case, it’s been eighteen years in the making. I read an abridged version of Dracula when I was in third grade and fell in love with vampires then and there and forevermore. A few years after that, I snagged onto an idea for a vampire novel that was along the lines of ‘kidnap a human to become a vampire bride.’ Apparently, I’ve been into abduction fantasies for a long time, and I can’t blame romance novels for that.

Understandably, my first efforts weren’t very good. To my credit, I kept trying—from ten years old to twenty-eight. I’m hoping I finally got it right, although I suspect the spirit might live on in another story in the future. It seems to be one I’m happy with.

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