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Welcome to Arcanium, the Circus of Lost Souls. Be careful what you wish for.

Book 1 in this erotic horror romance series, Fortune, is officially out everywhere and about half off at most vendors right now.

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Aurelia T Evans_Fortune_socialmedia_403_0003_finalIn addition to that awesomeness happening, I’ve been interviewed about the start of the Arcanium series by Totally Bound for their Author Spotlight and on Goodreads.

Also, I wrote a long, soul-baring post for Lisabet Sarai’s blog on why I wrote erotica about oddities, in spite of the many anxieties I had about tackling such a sensitive, fraught subject.

“A person doesn’t decide to write about a circus best known for its oddities, some of which are human and others demon, lightly—especially with erotica. There were times when I wanted to hide Arcanium and never let it see the light of day for fear of doing it wrong.

The same issue cropped up to a lesser degree while I was writing the Sanctuary trilogy, when it came to Renee’s mental illness. I drew from my own experience, adding some legitimacy to the fantasy. But did I have a legitimate claim to marvels and oddities, and if I didn’t, what did I have to do to write the subject right? I had to look at this from every mortifying angle to make sure it was the right thing to do. I’m neurotic that way. It’s not always a bad thing.

I eventually realized I was overlooking many cases of the obvious. The biggest one was that asking the questions at all suggested I was writing in the right direction.”

Read the rest HERE.

Coming up this week: free Arcanium Behind the Curtain short stories (which you shouldn’t read until you read Fortune, so dive right into the fray, loves), Fortune trivia, and a blog tour.