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fortune_800 (2)I have a ridiculous fondness for movie and music trivia, like when you go to IMDB and click on a movie’s trivia to see interesting little behind-the-scenes facts. So here’s some trivia about Fortune (Arcanium Book 1) – best read after the book, of course, but whatever floats your boat.

1. Fortune was originally called Arcanium and was intended to be a one-shot story. Then I thought about maybe doing a sequel with Kitty, maybe another with the aerialist boys Seth and Lars. I talked about the possibility with my editor, and she said to send in a series synopsis, which meant I had to have actual elaborated ideas. Then everything just sort of snowballed from there. Arcanium became the series, and I renamed the first book FORTUNE.

2. Actor Zeljko Ivanek inspires many supporting appearances in my stories. In the Arcanium novels, he’s Misha, the sword swallower.

3. Arcanium was partially inspired by the Wishmaster movies–among many other ‘be careful what you wish for’ tales, such as the wish episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Goosebumps book Be Careful What You Wish For, the short story “The Monkey’s Paw,” musical Into the Woods, Aladdin, and more. FORTUNE and the Arcanium series hold several homages to them.

4. The primary inspiration for the Arcanium series, though, was a dream I had of a mother telling her bad child that she’ll leave her at the circus if she doesn’t behave and the bad child saying that she would rather stay at a circus. Then she’s left behind and learns that the circus folk are actually demons. This theme gets played out even more in Carousel (Arcanium Book 2).

5. One of my most sex-dense stories ever.

6. Arcanium arose from an experiment: Can I write a story that is both horror and romance? They’re usually diametrically opposing genres. Turns out, I can. And I can make a series out of it. They’re darker than your usual romance, with some truly weird elements to them, but it’s still romance.

7. In the original novel, I had short story ‘Behind the Curtain’ vignettes of other members of the Arcanium cast, what their wishes were, and who they’d paired off with. They were interspersed between every few chapters or so. I’d intended to carry that out through the whole series. Now they’re free stories that will pop up a few at a time to promote the series.

8. This book made me question my personal declaration that I’m not a size queen.

9. Maya is of Italian and Hispanic heritage. She’s the first religious protagonist that I’ve written for an erotic novel, but she’s certainly not the last.

10. The language Bell speaks is Farsi. He hails from the area of ancient Persia. Though he’s nomadic, he’s kept up with the changes in the language because he values his roots. Being psychic helps with the language adjustments.

11. I developed my best and most efficient editing process while editing Fortune. I use that process every time now.

12. Bell’s navel is anachronistic. He was never in utero, so no umbilical cord. Fun fact.