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carousel_800I love learning movie trivia, so I thought I’d share some interesting facts about Carousel (Arcanium Book 2). As you might imagine, these might be best after reading Carousel.

1. When I was thinking about all the Arcanium stories I wanted to tell, Carousel popped up out of nowhere, with none of the established Fortune cast or the possible oddities or skill sets that I have in my list. But it took on a life of its own at the last minute. I was excited to start it.

2. Caroline is named after the main character in the movie The Skeleton Key. Whenever someone calls her by name, I tend to imagine Gena Rowlands calling it in that creepy, horror-movie voice with her Louisiana accent, even though Caroline is from Oklahoma.

3. Riley is a conglomeration of inspirations, but Colm is inspired by Julian Sands.

4. The female clown Tragedy, in look and behavior, is partially inspired by Emilie Autumn.

5. While I knew the clowns were going to be a part of Carousel, I hadn’t planned on the clowns playing quite as big of a role. That kind of just…happened.

6. Tragedy and Comedy’s names are self-explanatory. The male clown Murphy is named after Murphy’s Law.

7. Colm started out as human. Then I got bored. Changing him to demon made everything better.

8. Caroline is my youngest protagonist so far.

9. I wrote Carousel and Aerial (Arcanium Book 3) back to back, more than half a year after writing Fortune.

10. I’d really love to ride the Arcanium carousel.