callforblood_800I’m a hoarder of movie facts, and I love sharing little tidbits about my novels as well.

1) The plot of Call for Blood was originally quite different. Renee was supposed to be put before a supernatural court for killing Grant, and the vampire lawyers were supposed to represent her. However, the concept was too close to the court scene in Wolf Girl, and I couldn’t make it work as a whole novel.

2) I wrote all the way through the Somnambulist scene before I realized I’d forgotten about Sebastian from the end of Cry Wolf. Since I felt I was missing something, I stopped writing Call for Blood and started from the very beginning, writing him into it. Turns out adding him made Call for Blood so much better.

3) The Somnambulist was named from the German expressionist movie The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.

4) The inspiration behind Sebastian is Jonny Lee Miller. The inspiration behind Michael is Bill Skaarsgard. Brett Dalton was the inspiration behind Brian. Anita is a construct of my own mind.

5) Can we all just take a moment and marvel at how unhelpful Max and Ki’s respective parents are?

6) Renee’s aversion to lace is based off of my own. I’ve always loved lace, but I’m unable to wear it.

7) I toyed with a novel or a trilogy based on the Givens Family, but I think it’s time to let this universe go, sadly. There are plenty of other vampire stories planned.

8) Like with Winter Howl, I did not know what Renee would choose until I reached the climax of the novel and couldn’t wait any longer.

9) When the Sanctuary trilogy was part of Totally Bound Publishing, I would have had to focus on a heterosexual pairing as much or more than a homosexual one. Once it was moved to Pride Publishing when Totally Entwined split, I could allow Renee to have net more FF sex, which was nice, even though FF lesbian or bisexual stories don’t do well in queer publishing.

10) I’d originally wanted a scene between Grant and Jake in Winter Howl, but it was never right. I ended up reusing the concept of Jake exploring MM fantasies (despite being mostly straight) in Call for Blood, and damn, it was as hot as I remembered.