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Guess what’s available for pre-order on Sept 27 and coming out in wide release on Nov 5? And I can’t tell you how awesome it is to have a spider on an erotic romance cover. So much of Arcanium is just me going, How can I make people aroused and uncomfortable or grossed out at the same time? And I really gave it my all in SPIDER.


Oh, what a tangled web she weaves…

One moment, Elizabeth is the modest, religiously devout nanny who accidentally brings her four charges to a slightly inappropriate circus filled with all the things a phobic like her could ever fear. The next, she’s sucked into the demonic world of Arcanium and transformed into Arcanium’s newest oddity, the Spider.

Her anxieties and phobias quickly attract the attention of the Creature, the gargoyle-like guardian of the haunted funhouse, who feeds on fear—and she offers a veritable feast from which he can relieve her, especially after she’s been locked in a glass box with giant spiders crawling over her eight-limbed body all day.

However, she also catches the eye of her jealous ex-lover, who helped make her into the scared, secretive woman she’s become, a woman who wrapped herself in the piety of her childhood cult just to escape him.

Between Arcanium and her own personal demons, Elizabeth has all four of her hands full.


I feel like when I wrote my blurb, I was dryly amused at all the elements that ended up in the novel. It was quite ambitious and slightly ridiculous. But it worked, so I left everything in. And so many elements led to a longer book, if you like that sort of thing. It’s a 120K novel, at about 302 pages according to the book page at Totally Bound.

And that’s not all. I’ve written and edited FUNHOUSE, and it’s been submitted. I’ve written HAUNTED (which is the continuation of FUNHOUSE), and I’m just waiting until it’s approved before editing, because I don’t know whether I’ll have to rewrite the second half of it. It took a decidedly dark turn, but Arcanium is an erotic horror series, so I might be okay.

Also, while waiting for FUNHOUSE to be accepted and HAUNTED to be approved, I’ve been editing the Nocturnal Creatures trilogy. Each book has been double-edited, and it’s ready for the pro edit. I’m hoping to write Arcanium’s next book SKELETON for this November’s NaNoWriMo and self-publish the first book in the Nocturnal Creatures trilogy on Winter Solstice, which is when the first book opens. The schedule’s pretty tight, but we’ll see. As I can afford it, I’ll be self-publishing the others, then possibly publishing an omnibus volume as well.

All that writing, while painful, had to eventually lead to this. We’ll see how it goes. But I’m excited for the Arcanium series, guys, and schedule willing, I might be able to finish it out next year.