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I’m so behind on keeping up with this, but in my defense, I’ve been editing FUNHOUSE (A7) and writing SKELETONS (A9), plus doing the final edits/proofs of LONGEST NIGHT (NC1).

SPIDER has been out for several weeks now. I received a wonderful review from Lisabet Sarai, who’s a big fan of the series (which absolutely tickles me), but since it’s the sixth book in the series, probably don’t get a lot of new readers. (For book links, check out the Arcanium page.)

For the Arcanium veterans, though, you know I love sharing my book trivia. They work better if you’ve read the book, but I don’t think I’ve included any spoilers.

978-1-78686-436-9_Spider_1500X24001) The number of elements that went into this story are ridiculous, and I suspect it’s a product of waiting too long between Book 5 and Book 6. I had most of the stories pre-planned, but time allows for additional embellishments. Still, it was the story I wanted to tell, and I have to hope I pull it off.

2) It’s the longest Arcanium novel at a little over 120K words (see aforementioned elements). FORTUNE was longer when the Behind the Curtain short stories were included but became more manageable after those were removed.

3) During some sex scenes, I literally asked myself how I could gross people out while they were turned on. Being unsettled and aroused at the same time is kind of Arcanium’s thing, but I really cranked it up for SPIDER.

4) I am not actually arachnophobic. I am, however, scared of common cockroaches. Madagascar cockroaches, however, are pretty cool. I included both. You’re welcome.

5) I made up a cult. I like to do that. See CRY WOLF.

6) Elizabeth is the first Asian protagonist I’ve written, although there have been other Asian characters. It’s not common to see Asian characters on erotic romance covers (or any covers, really), so I’m really happy that Elizabeth has such a place of prominence in the second half of the Arcanium series–so much so that she kicks it off.

7) Elizabeth is named after Mary’s cousin in the Book of Matthew. Elizabeth’s mother’s family had daughters named after virtues.

8) The haunted funhouse is easily my favorite Arcanium element, which is why it continues to play an important role in FUNHOUSE (A7) and HAUNTED (A8).

9) Elizabeth is my second heavily tattooed character. See CRY WOLF. But this and number 5 are the only things the books have in common. Funnily enough, I don’t have any tattoos of my own. It’s one of those things I’ve always wanted to do but never have.

10) Part of a three-part plot arc shared with FUNHOUSE (A7) and HAUNTED (A8). The first five books can be read independently of each other, though they have a kind of character-arc progression to them, but Books 6, 7, and 8 require a certain knowledge of what came before.