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Longest NightWith the first book in the trilogy, LONGEST NIGHT, which is available six days after said longest night, for which I apologize. But I had a cold that slowed me down during the proofreading process, plus holiday craziness.

Nocturnal Creatures was an experiment in several ways. It’s the longest thing I’ve written that’s high fantasy, and I gave myself a number of rules to keep it interesting. If you can spot the rules before I spoil them, you win a virtual cookie. Possibly a virtual kitten.

I hope to put these books out once a month, and then soon after the third one is available, an omnibus volume will be made available in both e-book and print, since I’d like to start offering my stories in print. Which means I need to get back on BLOODBOUND and WOLF GIRL sometime in the next decade. But I’m really looking forward to the omnibus volume. It’s gonna be big.

I wrote this when I was in the middle of working on a number of other vampire novels. I’d finished CALL FOR BLOOD, where I introduced vamps to the Sanctuary world, and I was either about to start or had finished SPIDER, which features a vampire-y Creature. What can I say? I have a type. But I try to do a lot of different things with them.

In the case of Nocturnal Creatures, it was one of three stories I wrote for a short story call for an anthology from Totally Bound. This little gothic erotic fairy tale came in over 20K words, which was too much, but it felt like not enough. So I set it aside and brought it out again later…and it turned into an over 200K-word story. This is my life, ladies and gentlemen. But I’m really pleased with it, and it does fit a trilogy structure, works just fine with the books separated. Each book really is its own story. And I hope you enjoy it as much as I still do.

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In the realm of the Crimson Kingdom, the demon king descends from his dark, dangerous castle on Longest Night to take for himself a new wife. She must be unmarried and unmarred by men, a pure sacrifice for the devil.

Asha of the Gray is one of the few women in the kingdom whom no man will marry and whom no man has marred, though she has had to fight every day to keep herself unruined, with the kingdom brothels just across from where she begs for coin every day.

When the demon king gifts her a winter rose and chooses her as his bride, he marks her for death. But though his castle is dark and strange and the king himself monstrous, not all is as it seems, and death may be a more welcome alternative than anything the Crimson Kingdom offers an unwanted woman like her.