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Wolf GirlWolf Girl, self-published, Dec. 12, 2015 (dark erotica, not erotic romance)

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Wolf Girl Trivia

We are hungry.

We are confused.

But we want you, Master, and we serve at your pleasure.

Erik Nye—a technical genius, lonely misfit, and powerful young mage—creates a geek’s wet dream of a girlfriend for himself, mixing a woman with a wolf…plus a few enhancements of his own. When she wakes up from the procedure, Tora has little memory of her two lives before. All she can do is trust Erik and her not-yet-integrated dual personalities to guide her through her strange new world.

Erik wastes no time playing with his new toy, and Tora is quickly overwhelmed, swept up in Erik’s sexual games. However, Tora’s not just some love doll. She’s a living, breathing hybrid woman, and with the help of William Delaney—a friend of Erik’s family and a mage himself—Tora discovers her own will, desires, and repressed anger.

But he’s not going to just sit back and let her go.