Short Stories

wildafterdark_800(1)Intervention,” Wild After Dark, Totally Bound, early download April 2015, general release May 2015

Summary: It starts as an intervention for a friend. It ends in bloodshed, lust, betrayal and death, as love often does after dark.

When Emily’s husband, Land, calls her to come to the warehouse district at sunset, at first she thinks it’s just another job for their para-extermination company. Then he tells her that they’ve finally caught Matt, the third member of their team, who was bitten by a werewolf a few weeks ago and has been missing ever since.

Emily races to the warehouse. She and Land plan to reassure him that they’ll provide all the help that he needs and that he doesn’t need intervention_800to run away from them. They’re no strangers to the supernatural, after all.
What she arrives to, however, is Matt wild in his cage, a creepy vampire duct-taped to a pipe, Land covered in blood from a bite mark on his neck, and not a single easy answer in sight.


“Get ready for a wild, crazy read. Intervention Starts out interesting with a phone call, moves on to a curious trip to a warehouse and takes a sudden sharp crazy turn into WTH when everything goes down. […] Fun, fast, gory and hot, Intervention by author Aurelia T. Evans had me hooked from the beginning and kept my attention all the way to the last page. Not a bad way to pass an hour!” –Jeep Diva


Like a mystery uncovered erotic detective stories“Jaded,” Nikola Klaus’ Like a Mystery Uncovered: Erotic Detective Stories (2015)

Story summary: “Jaded” features a determined FBI agent pursuing a shapeshifting conwoman—although her interest may not be purely professional.


More Smut for Chocoholics“Crumbs,” Tilly Hunter’s More Smut for Chocoholics (2014)

Story summary: Loosely based on the fairy tale story of Hansel and Gretel. Elaina, the owner of the dessert shoppe Gingerbread House, sets her plan in motion to seduce Forrest through his stomach. What follows is a sitophilic dream and celebration of the senses from the kitchen of a culinary witch with a sweet tooth of her own.


seductress other“Harvest,” D. L. King’s Seductress: Tales of Immortal Longings (2012)

Story summary: “Harvest” is the story of Jera, a centuries-old succubus with a love of whips and blood, and young Devon, a college student thinking with his dick instead of his brain, who is now in over his head with a summoned succubus he can’t control. Sure, the spell makes it so she can’t kill him inside the pentacle, but she intends to teach him a lesson on using magic he doesn’t understand, using anything short of death — pleasure or pain or both together — to do so.

“D. L. King wisely starts off with two relatively traditional pieces. The first, “Harvest” by Aurelia T. Evans, has just the right tone and atmosphere, and a most satisfying succubus (with an especially talented tail.) “’I will hurt you. But in the end…’ That predatory smile again, like the glint of a sharpened blade. ‘It will be more pleasure than you have known or will know again, made more potent by the fact it cannot kill you.’” Yes, that’s exactly where we wanted to go when we opened the book.” Erotica Revealed

“The anthology opens on the highest of notes in my option with the best of the stories, Aurelia T. Evans’ “Harvest”. It’s a times old tale of boy summing a Succubus to have a wild time and he gets schooled in a few hot and kinky ways. Let me say, HOT!!!” Romancing the Book


41GYvWdllEL._SS500_thronesofdesiresmall“Eyekeeper,” Mitzi Szereto’s Thrones of Desire: Erotic Tales of Swords, Mist and Fire (2012)

Short story summary: Enchantress Lydia Eyekeeper, called Witchthief by the king of Adal and his sorcerer adviser Micah Silvertongue, was sentenced to death for stealing from the king’s treasury an enchanted artifact called the Oculum — sold out by prison warden Hann after he pretended to be her partner in crime and in bed. Before she is executed by the silent, strapping Bruin, Lydia tells Micah that his reign as the right hand to the king will end, and she tells Hann that he will never again know the touch of a woman.

Six months later, Lydia returns from the grave to pay Hann back for his betrayal, using his self-loathing over his desire for the executioner Bruin as leverage for his future loyalty … and for her own entertainment. “Eyekeeper” is a story of wickedly erotic revenge, and at the heart of it, the Oculum: the artifact that enhances Lydia’s ability to see into the truth of things.

“My favorite stories in the collection were At the Sorcerer’s Command by Kim Knox, In the Kingdom of Roz by Madeline Moore and Eyekeeper by Aurelia T. Evans. These three were very different stories but seemed to involve the broadest range of fantasy elements. They all flawlessly determined recognizable genre, believable characters and rich plot, which is something I always find extremely admirable about short story writers.” Open Book Society

Eyekeeper by Aurelia T. Evans was a little crazy, little dark, little sexy and all about the power trip.” For the Love of Reading

“Ms. Evans has written a complicated tale of sorcery and revenge, engineered by an indomitable woman.” Coffee Time Romance


“Frosted Glass,” Kristina Wright’s Fairy Tale Lust (2010)

Short Story Summary: Greta’s father had always told her that if she saw the Snow Queen in frosted glass, she should not look into the witch’s face, or else her heart would be hardened to the love of a man. Working with elements of the original story of “The Snow Queen,” “Frosted Glass” subtly subverts Hans Christian Andersen’s values on child-like innocence.

“From a literary standpoint, the best of the bunch are Aurelia T. Evans’ “Frosted Glass” (The Snow Queen) and Shanna Germain’s “Her Hair Is a Net, Woven” (Rusalka legends). These two tales are beautifully written, haunting, and could hold their own in any anthology of adult fairy tales, whether it had a specifically erotic focus or not.” Kelly Lasiter of

“This is a sad tale, a twisted and sensual retelling of the Snow Queen. I really felt empathic toward the main character. As she tells her story I waited with baited breath to see if the Snow Queen would take her or if something else would happen. I absolutely loved the twist at the end, but you’ll have to read it to find out why.” Nanny at Naught Mommy Reviews and Junk


“In Circles,” Amber Dawn’s Fist of the Spider Woman (2009)

2010 Lambda finalist for Best LGBT Anthology
“In Circles”: Short List of 2010 Gaylactic Spectrum Awards

Short Story Summary: Kate Barrett, an intersex woman, has been abandoned by her boyfriend Daniel because of her clitoromegaly, something that she is dreadfully self-conscious of. Meanwhile, a serial murderer called the Surgeon is mutilating and killing intersexed women, and Kate keeps seeing a bloody woman in the mirror, a violent visage of Bloody Mary who needs Kate’s body to keep her alive.

“This collection of five poems and eleven short stories addresses how fear and fantasy intersect for queer women. Considering this topic, it isn’t surprising that many of the tales involve SM sex turning frighteningly real; however, the ones that stand out are those that either transcend this idea or deviate from it. … Aurelia T. Evans’s “In Circles” reframes the childhood legend of Blood Mary, describing the fate of intersex women at the hands of a demon who forces them to look at their bodies before she kills them.” GLBT Round Table of the American Library Association

“But the most engaging stories are those that manipulate the horror genre to construct an elevated understanding of the queer experience. In “In Circles,” Aurelia T. Evans introduces her readers to Kate, an intersex woman whose recently renewed discomfort with her body makes her long for the mutilation offered by Bloody Mary, who begins appearing in her bathroom mirror. The story confronts the connection between mutilation and genital corrective surgery and how undergoing the surgery suggests a death of the self. It is a formidable look at a subject rarely touched upon and offers a unique take on the fear-desire relationship.” Xtra! West

“Other stories are simply terrifying and not so erotic, such as Aurelia T. Evans’s “In Circles,” which features an intersexual main character.  You’ll never think of that silly sleepover game Bloody Mary the same way again.” Casey the Canadian Lesbrarian

“… “In Circles” by Aurelia T. Evans scared the shit out of me.” Christa, Philadelphia, on Good Reads

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